Big D’s Big Dog Rescue Rehab

Big D’s Big Dog Rescue Rehab is a (501c3 organization) dedicated to rescuing and providing care for homeless shelter dogs in need. Big D’s Big Dog Rescue Rehab works to help homeless dogs as well as rehabilitate abused and neglected dogs with emotional or behavioral issues.

Animals rescued by our rescue undergo an examination by a veterinarian, are cleared of any medical conditions.  All are microchipped, fully vaccinated, and spayed or neutered prior to adoption.

Applicants must be 21 years or older.

Applicants must provide proof of residence.

If an applicant resides in a rental, cooperative or condominium, proof of by-laws or lease agreement outlining policies for pet ownership will be required.

All members of the family must be present in order to foster/adopt.

References are required  and will be checked prior to a home visit or virtual walk-through.

A meet and greet is required for all fosters/adopters if there is another pet already in the home.

Applicants must be willing to allow Big D’s Big Dog Rescue Rehab to make follow-up visits, either in person by a representative or by telephone.

We understand that, sometimes, a pet is not a good fit after you bring him or her home.  Adopters are informed that, in the event they are unable to keep the pet or offer it proper care, the pet must FIRST be offered back to Big D’s Big Dog Rescue Rehab before alternate arrangements are made.

If and once approved, an applicant must sign a contract (the application) to adopt an animal which outlines the responsibilities of the adopter. If there is any addendum, the applicant will follow the recommendations on the addendum.