We do reserve the right to refuse adoption. If your application for the adoption of a pet is not approved, we will do our best to explain the reason(s). Denial is not a rejection of you as a person; it is a refusal to place a pet in a situation that we do not feel is a good match or does not meet our policies.


This is Gia. Gia is a mix of Great Pyrenees, lab, German Shepherd, Australian cattledog, pittie and border collie. She is only about 6-7 months old. Gia had a rough start and had to fight her littermates for food. While she was adopted out twice, she was twice returned for reported food aggression towards other dogs. In her time with us, Gia has learned to eat with other dogs. While she sometimes does growl, she has never been aggressive towards any other dogs in our care, and certainly not with us. Gia loves attention and affection. This girl has great energy, but is just as happy lying beside you in bed or on the sofa, watching television. Gia needs a home where there is consistency in teaching her good manners, with a patient and firm guardian.


These puppies were turned in to a high kill shelter in Georgia. They were not at all socialized to people and are underweight. They have been with us since 11/21 and we are working on socializing them to people and other dogs (they love the latter). They do exhibit resource guarding, but what do you expect when you spent the first four months of your life starving? We are looking for fosters and/or adopters who understand their challenges and will have the time and patience to work with them. They will not be adopted out together as they need to learn not to depend so heavily on their littermates. However, they would do best going to a home where there is a patient dog in residence. They appear to be lab mixes. The chocolate colored one is a female. There are two female tan and one male tan.


This handsome young man is Freddy. He is listed as a chi-corgi mix and is around one year old. What can I say about Freddy? He is love, pure and simple. This little guy was abandoned in a crate at a shelter gate in SC. He has been with us a couple of weeks and all I have is praise for him. He just wants to be loved. He loves cuddles and to be picked up and cradled. He’s happy to sit under your feet, or next to you on the sofa and does well with other dogs, no matter how big.


This little lovebug on the right is Miruko, which means beautiful in Japanese. She was one of four pups turned in to a high kill shelter in SC at four months of age. She and her siblings had no socialization with people and were half starved. After a couple of weeks at the Dog House, she has plumped up, learned that she loves belly rubs and chin scratches and is happy playing with the other dogs. She does not like to share her food with other dogs, however, so needs to be separated during feeding time. If you think you could use a little Miruko in your life, please contact us.


This chunk is named Danny. He is a 2-year old boxer/pittie mix who had been rescued from a high-kill shelter in TX, only to find himself homeless again when his adopter fell on hard times. This boys is extremely energetic and loving. He gets along with all dogs and previously lived with a couple of cats. He has energy to burn, so would do best in a home with someone who is going to keep him moving. He is crate trained.